Windsor Food and Fuel Bank

Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.

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The purpose of the Governance Committee is strategic, tactical and oversight in nature.

Chairperson: Nike Agman

Members: Ann Parkhurst, Ernie Perreault, Laura Soll-Broxterman, Sharon Gauthier, Jessica Kallipolites

Primary responsibilities include;
• Ensure that all appropriate policies are in place and approved by the Board including conflict of interest, gift acceptance and financial policies.
• Create a board member job description fully detaining expectations of all board members
• Maintain organizational by laws that are reviewed no less than every four years.
• Ensure that the mission and vision of the Council is reviewed no less than ever three years by the Board.
• Identify potential new board members on an ongoing basis.
• Serve as the nominating committee and recommend a slate of officers for Board approval every two years.
• Provide orientation for new board members as they join.
• Maintain formal records of the Board including member’s tenure, bylaws, policies, articles of incorporation and the like.
• Conduct a board skills assessment and satisfaction survey on an annual basis