Windsor Food and Fuel Bank Inc.
Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.


In addition to meeting and taking action as a whole, the Food and Fuel Bank Board of Directors is organized into committees that oversee the many aspects of our work. Each committee chairperson is supported by other Board members who have experience, expertise, and/or interest related to the committee’s responsibilities.

• The Governance Committee assists with the monitoring of the Board’s bylaws and policies, recruitment and orientation of new members, and the biennial nomination and election of Board officers. Currently, Nike Agman chairs the Governance Committee.

• The Finance Committee is currently chaired by Nike Agman, the Board Treasurer, and is responsible for all aspects of the Food and Fuel Bank’s financial activity. In addition to managing financial transactions, policies, and procedures, the committee develops and recommends a comprehensive annual budget for Board review and approval.

• The Development Committee oversees both the “fund and food raising” arm of the Food and Fuel Bank. The committee conducts a town wide annual appeal while also supporting activities sponsored by individuals, organizations, and businesses looking to contribute dollars, food, or other resources. Paul Vagnini is currently serving as chair of this committee.

• The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for creating public awareness of the Food and Fuel Bank’s programs as well as promoting any activities conducted on our behalf. Through the use of social media, newsletters, and our website, the committee works to inform and involve the Windsor community-at-large in fulfilling our mission. Currently, the committee is chaired by Laura Soll-Broxterman.