Windsor Food and Fuel Bank

Let no person go hungry, be cold, or go without basic necessities.

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Finance Committee

Chairperson: Joanna Gould

Members: Laura Soll-Broxterman, Nike Agman, Ernie Perreault

Purpose: The purpose of the finance committee is strategic, tactical and oversight in nature. Primary responsibilities include;
• Recommend a comprehensive annual budget to the Board each year.
• Ensure that all financial policies are up to date and reviewed on no less than a biannual basis. Policies should include accounting and check writing procedures and gift handling policies for the first year.
• Ensure that appropriate financial record keeping systems and technology is in place and kept up to date.
• Review any agreements with outside vendors for professional services or otherwise.
• Bring an item with a variance of $500 from the accepted annual budget or above to the Board for their full approval.
• Review any grant applications before they are submitted on the Council’s behalf. And
• Recommend to the Board actions to be taken with any gift outside of the normal range of customary size. For the time being this would include any gift above $5,000.