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Communications and Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations Committee

Chairperson: Cyndi Deshais

Members: Florence Barlow, Denise Novak, Joyce Armstrong

Purpose: The purpose of the communications and public relations committee is strategic, tactical and oversight in nature. Primary responsibilities include;
• Agree upon a logo and “brand” for WCSC and recommend to the Board.
• Create a communications calendar that supports the development calendar.
• Write communication policies and procedures for Board approval. This would include things such as media relations and press releases.
• Establish a clearly defined formal and working relationship with CARES that supports the work and mission of both the Council and CARES.
• Identify current and potential community partners that will help spread the word about the Council.
• Create all advertising and promotional materials for Council activities.
• Design a brochure that can be distributed around town describing the Council; its services and how people can volunteer and donate.
• Identify volunteer needs and create volunteer application and orientation process.
• Steward all volunteers through thank you notes or gatherings.