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Laura Soll-Broxterman 2nd Vice President

Laura Soll-Broxterman 2nd Vice President
An award-winning communications and event management specialist for over 35 years, Laura Soll Public Relations, LLC is located in Windsor and she is a member of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

Laura Soll balances her full-time job with involvement in non-profit projects that have included the establishment of Connecticut State Veterans Memorial at the State Armory in Hartford, and marketing support for the Urban League of Greater Hartford. Fun fact: Laura manages the media relations for the University of Connecticut (UConn) Basketball Victory Parades/Rallies in Hartford, whenever one or both teams win an NCAA Championship.

The longtime Windsor community volunteer was a member of the former Citizens for a United Windsor (CUW) and the Windsor Taxpayers Education Alliance (WTEA), and was a founder of the today’s annual Windsor Bridge-Builders Awards recognition program.

Laura and her husband, Paul Broxterman, have lived in Windsor for more than 35 years. Her two sons, both Windsor High School graduates, also live and work in town.